Our vision is to transform the paper based economy and its processes to a digital platform up to 100% in such a way that the legal effects and the security elements and guarantees typical in a paper-based economy remain untouched. We have readymade solutions to both businesses and private individuals, and we are able to interrelate these two segments.

What is DOQdrive?

DOQdrive can produce and store electronic documents, images, official papers and information—all of which have a probative value. Our system uses legal validation based on the EU’s eIDAS regulation and by the use of qualified electronic seals and timestamp. This guarantees the legal effect of digital content created by DOQdrive and gives probative value to it. The system can be used uniformly throughout the entire European Union with legal value, but the technology is not limited to the EU. Electronic signatures and timestamps are a technical standard that protect against any falsification and assure the integrity of electronic documents. As such, the PKI technology can be used globally independently of a national jurisdiction.

All data and information in one place, in original, and paper-free.

This is DOQdrive!

What is GreenArchive?

GreenArchive is actually the big brother of DOQdrive. It is a web and mobile application for business purposes provided on a pay-as-you-go basis. GreenArchive comprises a A major benefit is that the creation, movement, storage and retrieval of paper-based documents can completely be eliminated. All types of documents are digital, original, legally binding and paper-free.

This is  GreenArchive!

Connecting businesses and private individuals = Secure Digital Society

The greatest value added of GreenArchive and DOQdrive is the fact that all documents, images captured, video and sound carries the power of proof and are admissible in court in compliance with European regulations. The legal effect of digital copies is identical with that of paper-based documents and their acceptance is consistent across the European Union.

Since the two systems are able to communicate with each other, it is possible that business to business, business to private individual and even private individual to private individual may send authentic, digital, ORIGINAL documents without any paper based logistics and regular mail service.


See arguments summarized in four points.

B2B / B2C / C2C

It is possible that business to business, business to private individual and even private individual to private individual may send authentic and digitally ORIGINAL documents without any paper based logistics and regular mail service.

Data security

All data and information are secured with qualified electronic seal and time stamp in an authentic form in the cloud provided by IBM Bluemix in compliance with the eIDAS regulation.

No charge / No investment

Free of charge mobile application for private individuals. Pay-as-you-go monthly fee for businesses, without initial investment.

Authentic data management with legal effect

Any digital content and data created by means of the application with GPS coordinates are protected and sealed with electronic signature and time stamp.


IBM video

EBanking Summit & Awards 1000+

Best European Digital Archiving Initiative prize 2017

Quality Innovation 2016 Award - National Award in the category of micro and small enterprises

EOQ MNB innovation prize
Budapest Business Journal
IBM - Archiving in the Cloud


Many of us have worked for many years on digital transformation in the digital world. We have seen plenty of IT solutions but we still feel that we’re stomping in one place. We think so because digital transformation can only be complete if it has been implemented not only on business levels but on the level of private individuals, too. The goal of DO-Q-MENT Ltd. is to provide a system of tools to private individuals and to the corporate sector which reinstates all the physical and legal guarantees we already have in the paper based world. Our digital vulnerability has to be eliminated. Full digital transformation may begin where all processes are fully digitalized.

Every member of our team believes that we do not need to store paper-based documents in the future. We already have better, eco-friendly and secure technologies thanks to the GreenArchive and DOQdrive applications. The visionary of these applications, Ágoston Hortobágyi does many presentations and attends conferences in order to transform the traditional belief in people’s minds to adopt the digital mindset.


Ágoston Hortobágyi

He is a tourism economist, advertising and marketing specialist. Following a successful business of nearly ten years in the automobile industry, he founded Q-MENT Kft. in 2009 engaged at the beginning in conventional archiving.

But to date, following a change of concept, conventional archiving has been replaced by a technology built on cloud-based, unique solutions with environmental awareness in mind.

He has launched the GreenArchive project in this spirit and through its animation he introduces the „Self-containing green office” concept in three steps in Hungary and then in Europe. The point here is that by introducing „carbon neutralization” corporations take positive steps towards a sustainable economy and reduce through this the ecological footprint of enterprises.

This year Ágoston won the 23rd place on the IT Business’s TOP25 voting on „The most successful manager in Hungary’s ICT world”.
Ágoston Hortobágyi is also the founder and chairman of the Green Business Association and initiator of the ASSOCIATION FOR SECURE DIGITAL SOCETY.